Ready to go!

That was me, may years ago. Graduating from the "Charm Farm" for American Airlines. 

Ok, you actually have to fast forward that picture. I am not quite that old. Being the daughter of an Army Officer had led me to believe that I was fairly well traveled. After all, I was born in Italy and had been lucky enough to spend my grade school years in Hawaii. Once I started my career as a flight attendant, "well traveled" took on an entirely new meaning. 


I started my flying career in New York City. That was an eye opening experience for a girl fresh out of college in the Mid West. My roommates where all working for Pan Am at the time and I was hearing stories and of adventures that I had only dreamed of...

"You buy lingerie in Rome, sweaters in Ireland and caviar in Russia."  Turns out they were right. Rome has so many underwear stores, fascinating. I nabbed a giant Fishermans Sweater from Ireland that I ski in sans jacket. It repels water! I seem to recall that the caviar from Russia might have actually been snuck out (sans customs)...but the details are foggy.

Packing for European destinations was the ultimate challenge. I would buy my magazines, wine and groceries in Paris and London. I needed nice clothes (dinner out was a highlight) and still had to tote around my 10 pound flight manual required by the airlines! No room for extra handbags on the airplane or in my suitcase.

Fast forward (more than a few years-cough) and I find myself with the same problem. I needed a bag that was stylish (as in cute enough to carry at home) and functional (used to carry essentials while traveling and used for a cocktail bag at my destination.)

I needed something that packed flat, that converted from chic clutch to shoulder with discretion. That's when the XO Petite Clutch was born! Luxurious leather (we need to look as stylish when we travel as we do at home) fully lined and well thought out and fun, now you and I are ready to go!